CYC Strategic Level Updates

CYC now have a number of members who are sat on various strategic level groups within Cardiff Council. These groups are:

The Children & Young People’s Scrutiny Committee

The role of the Committee is to scrutinise, measure and actively promote improvement in the Council’s performance in the provision of services and compliance with Council policies, aims and objectives in the area of children and young people, including:

School Improvement, Schools Organisation, School Support Services, Education Welfare & Inclusion, Early Years Development, Special Educational Needs, Governor Services, Children’s Social Services, Children & Young Peoples Partnership, Youth Services and Justice and Play Services

CYC’s Vice Chair, Chloe Burrage, is now sitting on the C&YP Scrutiny Committee. Chloe is not a full member and does not have voting rights but she is allowed to attend the meetings and ask questions.

The Education Development Board

The board sits beneath the Cardiff Public Services Board it maintains an overview of progress against the desired outcomes and goals of Cardiff 2020, a five-year education strategy to raise standards of teaching and learning in Cardiff. It’s purpose is to maintain an overview of progress against the desired outcomes and goals of Cardiff 2020 which includes:

Excellent outcomes for learners, High quality workforce, Self-Improving school

system, 21st century schools, Schools & Cardiff in partnership

Focus upon ‘unlocking’ and driving up performance in those areas where partners

can add most value.

Cardiff 2020 Goal – ‘Schools & Cardiff in Partnership’

Youth engagement and progression, Employability / schools & business

partnerships, School governors’ recruitment, Early help / Community and family engagement, Vulnerable learners and alternative learning opportunities and Link up with Vulnerable Children and Families Board

CYC member Connor Clarke now sits on the board to help represent the voices of young people.

Cardiff Commitment

Cardiff Commitment brings the public and private sectors together to work in partnership connecting young people to the vast range of opportunities available in the world of work. Ultimately, the goal of the Cardiff Commitment is to ensure that all young people in the city eventually secure a job that enables them to reach their full potential whilst contributing to the economic growth of the city. Tom Allabarton, Chair of CYC, now sits on the Cardiff Commitment Board to represent the voices of young people.

Inclusive Cities

Inclusive Cifies supports Cardiff and their local partners to achieve a step-change in their approach towards integration of newcomers to the city. Drawing on ideas and experience from within Europe and innovative approaches from cities in the United States, it aims to support development of an approach which is:

  • Strategic across the city administration
  • Consistently uses positive messaging to develop an inclusive narrative for the city which informs and drives practice
  • Local authority led, working in close partnership with business, public and voluntary sector organisations – including those not usually involved in integration – to achieve shared goals
  • Identifies a number of priority areas which lead to practical initiatives which broaden opportunities for inclusion of all residents across the economic, social and civic life of the city, and
  • Recognizes in particular the needs of children and young people

Victor Ciunca, member of CYC and MYP for Cardiff, now sits on the Inclusive Cities board to help support the views of young people. Victor himself came to Cardiff from Romania and so has a great understanding of what it is like, from a young person’s perspective, to come to a new city and the challenges that are presented.

C&YP Scrutiny Mental Health Task Group

Proposed terms of reference:

To develop and publish a Council Child Mental Health and Wellbeing policy for use by schools; To put procedures in place to help reduce the number of C&YP accessing the CAHMS service; To work in partnership with the Education Directorate, Youth Council and the University Health Board (CAHMS); To receive evidence from stakeholders and young people on the key aspects of the policy; To report its findings to Cabinet and the University Health Board.

CYC members Fahadi Mukulu and Ffion Humphries are members of this task group and are looking forward to helping shape the Mental Health and Wellbeing policy for use by schools.

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