The Young Commissioners are a group of young people, from across Cardiff, who have volunteered their time. The group have received training through the Active Involvement Team (AIT) and have already worked on a number of commissioning tenders.

The Young Commissioners and colleagues in Children Services and the Commissioning & Procurement team, were shortlisted this year for a Government Opportunities (GO) Procurement Innovation of the Year Award, the ‘Taking the procurement function forward’.

The commissioning tender for which they were nominated was ‘Families First’, which is a Welsh Government funded programme designed to promote effective multi-agency support for children, young people and families.

Cardiff Council secured Families First Services for Cardiff via this process and the Young Commissioners were directly involved in evaluations of the tender submissions, presentations and clarification question and answer sessions, where they posed their own questions.

All nominated entries were reviewed by a panel of judges made up of experts in UK procurement including;

Umar Hussain MBE, Chief Financial Officer, South Wales Police,

Sue Moffatt, Commercial Director, National Procurement Service, Welsh Government

Mark Roscow MBE, Director of Procurement Services, NHS Wales Shared Services Partnership.

To be shortlisted within this category is a huge success and we would like to congratulate the final winners of the award; The NHS Wales Informatics Service.



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