Child Friendly City Road Show


The Child Friendly City (CFC) Programme has a group of young people helping to shape the citywide initiative. The Children and Young People’s Advisory Board (CYPAB) is chaired by Rose Melhuish and meets every other month. They have been working on developing an accessible version of the CFC Strategy including working with local cartoonist Huw Aaron.

‘We want people to be aware of all the good, that can be achieved, working in the Child Friendly City programme, so we commissioned a local cartoonist to develop a CFC map of Cardiff.’ said Rose, 17.

A large display with supporting information is now touring the city’s hubs and libraries over the next 3 months.

Rose said ‘It’s important that people know about children’s rights and the important work taking place as a result of working with UNICEF’.

The Child Friendly City programme has 5 clear goals and 17 ‘Commitments to Action’ with a focus on Health, Education and Family Services.

Cardiff is one of 5 cities, working in a partnership with UNICEF UK, which aims to embed children’s rights across public services.

Sioe deithiol dinas sy’n dda i blant

Mae gan y Rhaglen Dinas sy’n Dda i Blant griw o bobl ifanc sy’n helpu i lunio’r fenter dinas eang. Cadeirydd Bwrdd Ymgynghorol Plant a Phobl Ifanc yw Rose Melhuish ac mae’n cyfarfod bob yn ail fis. Mae’r Bwrdd wedi bod yn gweithio ar lunio fersiwn hygyrch o’r Strategaeth hon gan gynnwys gweithio gyda’r cartwnydd lleol Huw Aaron.

Rydym yn awyddus i bobl gael gwybod am yr holl bethau da y gellir eu cyflawni drwy weithio â’r rhaglen Dinas sy’n Dda i Blant, felly aethom ati i gomisiynu cartwnydd lleol i lunio map o Gaerdydd,’ Dywedodd Rose, 17 oed.

Bydd arddangosiad mawr gyda gwybodaeth ategol bellach yn mynd ar daith drwy hybiau a llyfrgelloedd y ddinas dros y 3 mis nesaf.

Dywedodd Rose, ‘Mae’n bwysig bod pobl yn cael gwybod am hawliau plant a’r gwaith pwysig sy’n cael ei wneud o ganlyniad i weithio gydag UNICEF’.

Mae gan y rhaglen Dinas sy’n Dda i Blant 5 nod glir ac 17 ‘Ymrwymiad i Weithredu’ gyda ffocws ar Iechyd, Addysg a Gwasanaethau i Deuluoedd.

Mae Caerdydd yn un o 5 dinas sy’n gweithio mewn partneriaeth ag UNICEF UK â’r nod o gynnwys hawliau plant ym mhob rhan o wasanaethau cyhoeddus.


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