CAMHS Repatriation


The Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) in Cardiff is currently being run by Bro Taf health authority but is being repatriated to Cardiff & Vale Health Authority by 31st March 2019.

CYC members Cara Hayes-Williams, Matt Cater and Rose Melhuish are sat on both the steering board and delivery board as the voice of young people in the planning and implementation phases.

The service will sit within the Children and Women’s Clinical Board and become fully integrated with other services for children and young people both delivered and commissioned by the University Health Board (UHB), including primary care, and those provided by social services, education and the third sector.

This will create a holistic, wrap around mental health and wellbeing service for children, young people and families which ensures the timely, joined up delivery of care and treatment. It will comply with the Mental Health Measure and ensure that the care pathway is clear and transparent and easy for young people and families to navigate.

The project will include the creation of a single point of access for all emotional and mental health services for children and young people, streamlining and improving the process for referrers.

Children, Young People and Families have been engaged throughout the project, ensuring that services are designed and planned to meet their needs.



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