A New Addition to the Team!


Cardiff Youth Service has recently employed two new corporate apprentices, one of whom is now a part of the Active Involvement Team (AIT). There were 19 applications for the post, with AIT, and 8 candidates were interviewed with the help of CYC member, and young interviewer, Rhys Pinder. The successful candidate was Chloe Burrage.

Chloe says, “I have been a member of Cardiff Youth Council (CYC) for coming up to four years. I was the vice-chair of CYC and sat on the scrutiny board for Children & Young People. I have had to step down from these positions due to my employment as a part of the team to avoid any chance of conflicting interests.”

Chloe will be attending Torfaen Training, in Cwmbran, once a week in order to gain her qualification in Youth Work (levels 2 & 3). During the rest of the week she will be based in Grassroots (a city centre based youth provision), completing a variety of tasks such as building and maintaining relationships with young people, supporting CYC, developing and running workshops & shadowing youth workers. Chloe has said, ‘No two days are the same, every day comes with its own challenges and new experiences.’ CYC thank Chloe for her time as Vice-Chair, the work she has done and look forward to working with her as a member of staff.

Yasmin Bahary is the new Vice-Chair of CYC and now sits on the Children & Young People’s Scrutiny Committee. Yasmin took over from Chloe as she was the runner up during the election that was held when Chloe Burrage and Tom Allabarton (current chair of CYC) were first elected back in June 2018.


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