Cardiff 2030

cardiff 2030

In June 2016, Cardiff Council launched a strategy called Cardiff 2020 with an aim to help improve education and learning in Cardiff. Cardiff 2020 set out a vision, desired outcomes and five key goals for 2016 – 2020.

The vision was that all children and young people in Cardiff attend a great school and develop the knowledge, skills and characteristics that lead them to become personally
successful, economically productive and actively engaged citizens.

To deliver this vision the key goals were:

– Excellent outcomes for learners

– A high quality workforce

– 21st Century learning environments

– A self-improving school system

– Schools and Cardiff in partnership

Following on from Cardiff 2020 members of CYC were invited by Cardiff Council’s director of education, Nick Batchelar, to attend a workshop to begin to consider the preparation of a Cardiff 2030 Strategy.

The session was facilitated by Simon Day, from ISOS Partnership, with a view of framing the approach to the strategy development which included visioning, priorities and stakeholder engagement.

In 2017/18, the data shows that Cardiff is performing well in a wide range of key performance indicators across the key stages. Setting these results against the aspirations in Cardiff 2020, it is clear that the collective commitment to educational
improvement in the city has had a significant impact. However, there is much more to do to fulfil the aspiration that ‘all learners in Cardiff have the opportunity to succeed’.

The aim is to launch the new strategy in the Autumn of 2019 and further updates will be
shown in future editions of the Shout Out.


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