Service of Prayer for Queen Elizabeth II

By Zack Hellard – Vice Chair or Cardiff Youth Council and Member of the UK Youth Parliament

On Friday the 16th of September, I attended the Service of Prayer and Reflection in Llandaff Cathedral to mourn the death of our late Queen Elizabeth II in the presence of His Majesty the King Charles III and the Queen Consort. I was present as a representative of Cardiff Youth Council and notably the young people in Cardiff whom admired and respected the late Queen deeply.

The event was a solemn and respectful reflection of the life of a monarch who had devoted her entire life to the service of our nation; a chance for everyone to pay homage to all of the good she had done. To be invited to such an event as a representative of Cardiff is one of the greatest honours of my life- to be able to pay the respects of both myself and those absent in such a historic way. 

With the closing of the Second Elizabethan Age, we are reminded of the values Queen Elizabeth II instilled into every action she did, notably those of compassion and courage. The life of Queen Elizabeth II is one we can draw many life lessons from, whether that be from her time as a steadfast and reliable presence or as the great reformer.

God save the King.

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