Upcoming Meetings

To get involved, just email cardiffyouthcouncil@Cardiff.gov.uk and we will send you more information.  

CYC General Meetings

Our upcoming general meetings are held in Chambers of City Hall, Cathays Park, Gorsedd Gardens Road, Cardiff CF10 3ND.

The upcoming dates are:

  • Wednesday, 15th March 2023
  • Wednesday, Apr 12th 2023
  • Wednesday, Jun 14th 2023
  • Wednesday, Jul 12th 2023
  • Wednesday, Sep 13th 2023
  • Wednesday, Oct 18th 2023
  • Wednesday, Nov 15th 2023
  • Wednesday, Dec 13th 2023
  • Wednesday, Jan 17th 2024
  • Wednesday, Feb 21st 2024
  • Wednesday, Mar 20th 2024

The meetings run from 5pm – 7pm

We’ll look forward to seeing you there and get in touch if you’d like any more info!

email: cardiffyouthcouncil@Cardiff.gov.uk                          


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