CYC General Meeting and Elections

This evening CYC had their General Meeting on Churchill Way’s new, but temporary, grassy knoll installed as part of the Child Friendly City’s Summer of Smiles.

5 candidates put themselves forward to stand as the new Chair and Vice Chair of CYC and each answered questions put to them by other CYC members. The candidates were:

Saffron Pellow

Martha Templeman-Lilley

Mia John

Eshaan Rajesh

Logan Colis

Congratulations to all of them, voting is now open and the results will be announced on Monday 19th July – Good luck all!!!!

One Planet Cardiff

One Planet Cardiff is the Council’s plan to become a green and sustainable city over the next ten years and to become carbon neutral by 2030, in answer to the climate emergency. More can be read here – Cardiff residents called on to join the ‘One Planet’ challenge (

Cardiff Youth Council (CYC) has 2 members who sit on the One Planet Cardiff Steering board which is chaired by the leader of the council, Cllr Huw Thomas. A draft strategy has been created and can be seen here – OPC vision document 2020 ENGLISH.pdf (

In order to support the members of CYC that sit on the One Planet Cardiff board and to ensure the young people have the opportunity to shape the strategy, a working group was formed by other members from CYC. This group undertook an exercise where they discussed what they believed are the important issues to young people and set out the topics and challenges into a table which was then cross referenced to the draft strategy (see above). They identified a number of things that were not in the draft strategy and the primary one, according to the group, was that there is nothing in the current draft strategy about education. The young people felt it was essential that procedures were put in place that ensured that children, young people, adults and businesses all received education around the topic of carbon reduction and climate change, especially what they can do to mitigate it.

In addition to looking at the strategy from a young person’s perspective and identifying what changes they believe need to be put in place to make Cardiff a carbon neutral city by 2030, the group also ran a consultation with other young people across Cardiff, in the form of a questionnaire on Microsoft Forms. The questionnaire was sent out to CYC members, youth groups, local schools, EOTAS provision and shared with the Council’s Education Department in order to garner a wide range of a responses. The group have created a report of the work they have undertaken and the report can be downloaded below.

EOTAS Lead Officer Interviews

Zahara, a CYC member, and two young people from Bryn Y Deryn recently sat on a young person’s panel for the role of EOTAS Lead Officer. The person successful in getting the role would oversee the delivery of the Educated Other Than At School (EOTAS) Programme, which includes ACT, Bryn Y Deryn and Cardiff and Vale College. There were two rounds of interviews for the post. The main interview panel agreed with the young person’s panel’s recommendations after the first round of interviews, but didn’t feel that they could appoint anyone and that it should be sent out again. After the second round of interviews, the young person and main interview panels held almost identical views on the candidates, with the young person’s recommendation for the role also being chosen by the main panel and subsequently offered the job.

Cyfweliadau Prif Swyddog EOTAS

Eisteddodd, Zahara, aelod o CIC, a dau berson ifanc o Fryn Y Deryn ar banel pobl ifanc am y rôl Prif Swyddog EOTAS. Cyfrifoldeb yr unigolyn fydd yn llwyddiannus yn y cyfweliadau bydd i oruwchwilio’r Prosiect Derbyn Addysg Heblaw yn yr Ysgol (EOTAS), sy’n cynnwys ACT, Bryn Y Deryn a Coleg Caerdydd a’r Fro. Bu cyfweliadau ddwywaith am y rôl. Cytunodd y prif banel gyda awgrymiadau’r panel pobl ifanc ar ôl y cyfweliadau cyntaf, ond nid oeddent yn teimlo bod unrhwyun yn deilwng, felly ail-hysbyswyd y swydd. Ar ôl yr ail rownd o gyfweliadau, roedd y ddau banel bron yn hollol gytun ynglun a’r ymgesiwyr, gyda dewis y panel pobl ifanc am y swydd yn llwyddiannus.

Covid-19 Memorial Day

Cardiff Youth Council share their support and respect for all those lost during the first year of the pandemic by wearing yellow at their Executive meeting.

Our thoughts today with all the families who have lost loved ones. If you have been affected personally by Covid-19, you can use for support with your mental health and wellbeing. “Find help in just 3 clicks”




Cardiff Youth Council Exec Team

RED Subgroup meet with Paul Orders

Shivam, the chair of the Race, Equality and Diversity (RED) Subgroup, met with Chief Executive Paul Orders to discuss the possibility of conducting an audit with Council employees and managers, to ascertain their awareness around the issue of unconscious bias and whether more training needs to be made available to Council employees. Shivam and Paul had a lengthy discussion around the issue and what the Council was doing to help ensure its workforce was becoming more diverse, including getting more BAME representation in upper-management positions. Paul agreed for the survey to be sent out to upper-management within the Council. Shivam will be meeting with Sian Sanders to discuss this in more detail.

Cyfarfod Is-grŵp HCA gyda Paul Orders

Bu cyfarfod rhwng Shivam, cadeirydd Is-grŵp Hil, Cydraddoldeb ac Amrywiaeth (HCA), a’r Prif Weithredwr Paul Orders i drafod y posibilrwydd o ymgymryd a archwiliad gyda rheolwyr a gweithwyr y Cyngor, i ddarganfod eu ymwybyddiaeth o’r pwnc rhagfarn anymwybodol ac os oes angen hyfforddiant pellach ar weithwyr y Cyngor. Cafwyd trafodaeth dwys rhwng Shivam a Paul am y pwnc, gan gynnwys beth roedd y Cyngor yn gwneud i sicrhau bod mwy o amrywiaeth ymysg eu gweithwyr, yn ogystal a gwneud yn siŵr bod mwy o unigolion BAME yn gallu cyrraedd safleoedd uwch-rheolaeth. Cytunodd Paul i ddanfon yr archwiliad i’r uwch-rheolwyr o fewn y Cyngor. Bydd Shivam yn cwrdd gyda Sian Sanders i drafod hyn mewn mwy o fanylder.

Debate Club Subgroup

CYC have decided to develop am ongoing debate club. For it’s launch year it will be a priority subgroup so that it can be fuelled with enough momentum to become self-sustained. The current plan is to launch the debate club internally to CYC members  in the new year. Thorfinn is championing the group and has high hopes for where it will go. External (to CYC) group will be invited to compete in due course and a league table may be developed. The group hope to host a virtual event before the summer of 2021 where multiple teams can be involved and compete through rounds of competition.  The group have be proactive in researching existing debate methodologies and ethics during meetings. 

Is-grŵp y clwb dadlau

Mae CIC wedi penderfynu datblygu clwb trafod parhaus. Ar gyfer y flwyddyn lansio bydd yn is-grŵp blaenoriaether mwyn gallu creu digon o fomentwm iddo ddod yn hunangynhaliol. Y cynllun presennol yw lansio’r clwb dadlau yn fewnol ar gyfer aelodau CIC yn y flwyddyn newydd. Thorfinn sy’n hyrwyddo’r grŵp ac mae ganddo obeithion mawr am ble y bydd yn mynd. Gwahoddir grwpiau allanol (i CIC) i gystadlu maes o law ac efallai y datblygir tabl cynghrair. Mae’r grŵp yn gobeithio cynnal digwyddiad rhithwir cyn haf 2021 lle gall nifer o dimau gymryd rhan a chystadlu drwy rowndiau cystadleuaeth. Mae’r grŵp wedi bod yn ymchwilio methodolegau a moeseg dadlau sefydledig mewn cyfarfodydd.

Family Help Advisor Interviews

As part of our young interviewers programme, three of our CYC members sat on a young person’s interview panel for the position of ‘Family Help Advisor’ which is managed by Families First. Mia John sat on the panel as chair, supported by Eshaan Rajesh and Kyle Eldridge. Three candidates were interviewed for the role, with the final decision being made by Families First in early December. After the interviews, the panel met with Sarah and David from Families First. During this meeting the young people were able to give their feedback on the candidates and give their recommendation on who they felt was best suited for the role. A big thank you to Mia, Eshaan and Kyle for sitting on the young person’s panel and for their hard work.

Cyfweliadau Cynghorwr Cymorth Teulu

Fel rhan o’n rhaglen cyfwelwyr ifanc, eisteddodd tri o aelodau CIC ar banel cyfweliad pobl ifanc am y rôl ‘Cynghorwr Cymorth Teulu’ sy’n cael ei rheoli gan Teuluoedd yn Gyntaf. Eisteddodd Mia John ar y panel fel cadeirydd, gyda Eshaan Rajesh a Kyle Eldridge yn cefnogi. Cafodd tri ymgeisydd eu cyfweld, gyda’r penderfyniad terfynol yn cael ei wneud ar ddechrau mis Rhagfyr. Ar ôl y cyfweliadau, bu cyfarfod rhwng y bobl ifanc â Sarah a David o Teuluoedd yn Gyntaf. Yn ystod y cyfarfod, rhoddwyd adborth am y tri ymgeisydd i Sarah a David, yn ogystal ag argymhelliad y bobl ifanc am ba ymgeisydd oedd orau am y rôl. Diolch mawr i Mia, Eshaan a Kyle am eistedd ar y panel pobl ifanc ac am eu gwaith caled.

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Young Inspectors

During the past month and a half, Chloe and Cian have been delivering young inspector training sessions to a group of young people at Bryn Y Deryn Pupil Referral Unit in Mynachdy. Six training sessions have been delivered so far, with the young people progressing well during the process. We are hoping that the young people being trained will be able to undertake an inspection in the New Year, if the situation allows it.

The Pupil’s Inclusion Project (PIP) has submitted its self-assessment and evidence for the Participation Standards and is hoping to be inspected as soon as circumstances allow. Cian has been working closely with Craig from PIP to ensure that all their evidence is in order and that they are ready for inspection. 

Arolygwyr Ifanc

Yn ystod y mis a hanner diwethaf, mae Chloe a Cian wedi bod yn hyfforddi grŵp o bobl ifanc o Uned Cyfeirio Disgyblion Bryn Y Deryn yn Mynachdy i fod yn Arolygwyr Ifanc. Mae’r grŵp wedi cwblhau chwech sesiwn hyd yn hyn, gyda’r bobl ifanc yn datblygu’n dda yn ystod y broses. Gobeithiwn fydd gan y bobl ifanc sy’n cael eu hyfforddi y cyfle i gymryd rhan mewn arolwg yn y flwyddyn newydd, os yw’r sefyllfa yn ei galluogi hi.

Mae’r Prosiect Cynnwys Disgyblion (PCD) wedi cyflwyno’u hunan-asesiad a’u tystiolaeth am y Safonau Cyfranogiad ac yn gobeithio cymryd rhan mewn arolwg unwaith i’r amgylchiadau wneud hyn yn bosib. Mae Cian wedi bod yn gweithio’n agos gyda Craig o PCD i wneud yn sicr fod eu tystiolaeth mewn trefn ac eu bod yn barod am yr arolwg.

School Governors Board and Interviewing Sally Holland

One of CYC’s most vocal members has been doing some incredible work recently we would like to share with you. As part of Universal Children’s Day Victor Ciunca interviewed the Children’s Commissioner for Wales Sally Holland around various issues surrounding the Coronavirus pandemic and its effect on children and young people’s education.

Having interviewed the Children’s Commissioner on various issues Victor then took a presentation and recording of his interview to the Cardiff Governors Association Annual Training Conference. Victor presented ideas to the group around the new curriculum, the need for focus on improving young people’s critical and logical thinking in everyday life to build on resilience and independence in young people.

He also spoke about blended learning, the positives and negatives and young people’s wellbeing and how their school life and education affects this. Victor put forward a critical review of current school curriculums and how they don’t prepare young people for real working life where collaboration and researching together are at the heart of the working world. He left the Governors with a strong message. That we want “Education for young people, made by young people, for a bright future”.

To finish the Governors joined together to watch the interview of Victor and Sally Holland and commended him for his work and professionalism. Victor has been a great ambassador to CYC and we look forward to him continuing his work with the School governors Board.

Bwrdd Llywodraethwyr Ysgol a Chyfweld â Sally Holland

Mae un o aelodau mwyaf llafar Cyngor Ieuenctid Caerdydd wedi bod yn gwneud gwaith anhygoel yn ddiweddar yr hoffem ei rannu â chi. Fel rhan o Ddiwrnod Plant y Byd, cyfwelodd Victor Ciunca â Chomisiynydd Plant Cymru, Sally Holland, i drafod materion amrywiol sy’n ymwneud â phandemig y coronafeirws a’i effaith ar addysg plant a phobl ifanc.

Ar ôl cyfweld â’r Comisiynydd Plant am wahanol faterion, aeth Victor wedyn â chyflwyniad a recordiad o’i gyfweliad i Gynhadledd Hyfforddiant Blynyddol Cymdeithas Llywodraethwyr Caerdydd. Cyflwynodd Victor syniadau i’r grŵp ynglŷn â’r cwricwlwm newydd a’r angen i ganolbwyntio ar wella meddwl beirniadol a rhesymegol pobl ifanc mewn bywyd pob dydd er mwyn datblygu gwydnwch ac annibyniaeth ymhlith pobl ifanc.

Siaradodd hefyd am ddysgu cyfunol, yr elfennau cadarnhaol a negyddol a lles pobl ifanc, a sut mae eu bywyd ysgol a’u haddysg yn effeithio ar hyn. Rhoddodd Victor adolygiad beirniadol o gwricwla presennol ysgolion a dweud nad ydynt yn paratoi pobl ifanc ar gyfer bywyd gwaith go iawn lle mae cydweithredu ac ymchwilio ar y cyd wrth wraidd y byd gwaith. Gadawodd neges gref i’r Llywodraethwyr: Ein bod ni eisiau “Addysg i bobl ifanc, gan bobl ifanc, ar gyfer dyfodol disglair”.

I orffen, ymunodd y Llywodraethwyr â’i gilydd i wylio cyfweliad Victor a Sally Holland ac fe’i canmolwyd am ei waith a’i broffesiynoldeb. Mae Victor wedi bod yn gennad gwych i Gyngor Ieuenctid Caerdydd ac rydym yn edrych ymlaen ato’n parhau â’i waith gyda’r Bwrdd Llywodraethwyr Ysgol.