Exciting Times

Hey everyone,

On Wednesday, the 16th of December we have an important meeting- following last month’s discussion of the priorities, we’re now ready to formulate action plans and start working towards our goals- positive change in Cardiff under these categories;

  • Living Wage
  • Curriculum For Life
  • Tackling Racial and Religious Discrimination
  • Mental Health
  • Transport

You can read more about them below, and feel free to ask any questions you have on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, or by emailing me on maegandaviesjohn@outlook.com

This month we also have a really important opportunity to shape the new mental health service in Cardiff!

Hopefully we’ll see lots of you there, and remember new members are always welcome 🙂


Mae and CYC





Living Wage

  • Raise the profile of the positive impact that the Living Wage has on communities and encourage companies in Cardiff to sign up to be an accredited Living Wage employer.
  • Ensure that companies meet the Living Wage Foundation criteria fully.
  • http://www.livingwage.org.uk/


Curriculum 4 Life

  • Schools should provide a broad curriculum which recognises the importance of life skills and these should be delivered within the mainstream subjects where possible to enhance the current curriculum.
  • There should be a consistent approach to delivering a high quality PSE curriculum in schools across Cardiff
  • http://www.byc.org.uk/campaigns/curriculum-for-life.aspx


Tackling Racism and Religious Discrimination

  • Increase educational opportunities for children and young people with the aim to sustainably reduce incidents of racist and religious discrimination.
  • Enhance ethnic and religious cohesion by challenging stereotypes and celebrating multiculturalism

Mental Health

  • Children and Young People should be educated regarding mental health and wellbeing issues to reduce the stigma and provide appropriate support.
  • Improve mental health services including information and accessibility so that they meet the needs of young people.
  • http://www.cavamh.org.uk/



  • Improve the user experience including better information, reduction in fares and by making public transport more reliable.

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