Young People Have Their Say On Wellbeing ….

What is the population needs assessment I hear you say?

Well the Social Services and Wellbeing (Wales) Act 2014 introduced a duty on local authorities and Local Health Boards to prepare and publish an assessment of the care and support needs of the population, including carers who need support.

It is vital that young people are involved in large scale consultations if their needs are to be met by services. AIT have been busy working in various schools and education settings across Cardiff to ensure that young people can feed in their views to this important assessment.

In addition to the community workshops young people worked with youth workers to develop an online survey. This was shared through various social media platforms and 180 young people completed the survey. Participants were asked to rate their overall wellbeing, highlight some of the pressures that they faced in their day to day lives and who would they most likely turn to for support. The report can be found on the Cardiff Partnership Website.

This information now forms part of the overall needs assessment for the city and will inform the development of services across Cardiff.

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