Well-being Plan Grand Council

90 representatives from schools and colleges came together at the City Hall in December to discuss Cardiff’s Well-being Plan.

Participants took part in a series of creative workshops and discussions with a view to design their own version of a Well-being Plan.

Connor Clarke (16) said ‘ Today is not only fun but it is important, as young people have the opportunity to share their views on significant plans for the city’

After receiving a presentation on key data for the city primary and secondary pupils worked together to consider the definition of well-being and how it affects citizens. They then looked at each section of the Well-being Plan and worked up a range of solutions to challenges.

The final part of the day saw members of the Public Service Board join the event to receive a series presentations from participants outlining their top solutions for the city.

Maria Battle, Chair of the University Health Board and PSB Vice Chair said ‘The young people were fantastic, the passion and attention to detail was really impressive’

The ideas generated by the C&YP will now be considered as part of the wider consultation around the Well-being Plan.

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