RED Subgroup meet with Paul Orders

Shivam, the chair of the Race, Equality and Diversity (RED) Subgroup, met with Chief Executive Paul Orders to discuss the possibility of conducting an audit with Council employees and managers, to ascertain their awareness around the issue of unconscious bias and whether more training needs to be made available to Council employees. Shivam and Paul had a lengthy discussion around the issue and what the Council was doing to help ensure its workforce was becoming more diverse, including getting more BAME representation in upper-management positions. Paul agreed for the survey to be sent out to upper-management within the Council. Shivam will be meeting with Sian Sanders to discuss this in more detail.

Cyfarfod Is-grŵp HCA gyda Paul Orders

Bu cyfarfod rhwng Shivam, cadeirydd Is-grŵp Hil, Cydraddoldeb ac Amrywiaeth (HCA), a’r Prif Weithredwr Paul Orders i drafod y posibilrwydd o ymgymryd a archwiliad gyda rheolwyr a gweithwyr y Cyngor, i ddarganfod eu ymwybyddiaeth o’r pwnc rhagfarn anymwybodol ac os oes angen hyfforddiant pellach ar weithwyr y Cyngor. Cafwyd trafodaeth dwys rhwng Shivam a Paul am y pwnc, gan gynnwys beth roedd y Cyngor yn gwneud i sicrhau bod mwy o amrywiaeth ymysg eu gweithwyr, yn ogystal a gwneud yn siŵr bod mwy o unigolion BAME yn gallu cyrraedd safleoedd uwch-rheolaeth. Cytunodd Paul i ddanfon yr archwiliad i’r uwch-rheolwyr o fewn y Cyngor. Bydd Shivam yn cwrdd gyda Sian Sanders i drafod hyn mewn mwy o fanylder.

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