Legislative Theatre – Rock UK Residential

As you’re aware, Cardiff Youth Council has set up a Gender Equality Steering Group to explore experiences of gender inequality and what can be done within the city to improve this.

As part of this, the members of the Gender Equality Steering Group have been involved in a process called ‘Legislative Theatre’. It involves young people and decision makers working together in a creative process to identify, develop, and build support for new policy, helping to reduce inequality.

We have been creating 2 scenes which the young people are going to perform to decision makers. The young people decided to centre their scenes on barriers and issues young people experience concerning sport, with a focus on gender, based on their own experiences.

To ensure the young people could fully emerge in the process, we had a residential at Rock UK. We had a great time, not only in our legislative theatre rehearsal sessions but also through taking part in climbing, bouldering, and caving.

The Gender Equality Steering Group can’t wait to work with decision makers at the final performance, as well as ongoing, to achieve gender equity.

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