Cardiff Tomorrow

The Future of Our Public Services

cardiff tomorrow

Cardiff is a growing city, and with success comes challenges as well as opportunities. Public organisations in the city and county of Cardiff are now working together to address short and long-term challenges, take preventative action, involve citizens and integrate their services to deliver greater well-being.

Cardiff Youth Council members attended an event on 8th May, at Cornerstone in Central Cardiff, to hear from Cardiff’s public service leaders on the future of public services in the capital city of Wales.

At the event Leaders of three of the public service bodies in Cardiff presented their vision, discussed their collaboration and answered questions on how they saw Cardiff’s public services working more closely together in the future.

These leaders were:

  • Cllr Huw Thomas, Leader of Cardiff Council and Chair of the Cardiff Public Services Board
  • Maria Battle, Chair of Cardiff and Vale University Health Board and Vice-Chair of the Cardiff Public Services Board
  • Alun Michael, South Wales Police and Crime Commissioner

At the event citizens of Cardiff also spoke and told their stories which illustrated the challenges we all face as well as the benefits that come from working together.

One of those citizens was our very own Victor Ciunca, a member of Cardiff Youth Council, and Member of the UK Youth Parliament, who gave his account of emigrating to Wales with his parents and the trials, tribulations and challenges that he and his family faced but also talked about the support he has received from his school, friends, peers and youth workers.


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