CYC Members Receive Their MV Certificates

Cllr Bridgeman

At the CYC General Meeting, which took place on June 20th in City Hall, a number of CYC members were awarded Millennium Volunteer certificates for their services to Cardiff Youth Council through their volunteering efforts.

MV is an award, backed by Welsh Government and supported through GwirVol, that recognises the contribution young people make to volunteering in Wales.
Young people can achieve the following awards;
• 50 hours certificate of recognition, MV 50 Sport or MV 50 Global
• 100 hours certificate of recognition
• 200 hours Award of Excellence, which is signed by the First Minister of Wales

The award is founded on 9 key principles which are;

  • Personal commitment
  • Community benefit
  • Voluntary participation
  • Ownership by young people
  • Quality
  • Recognition
  • Inclusiveness
  • Variety
  • Partnership

At the general meeting 30 members received their Bronze Certificate, 21 their Silver Certificate and 8 received their Gold Award of excellence.

A big thank you must go out to Cllr Lee Bridgeman, Chair of Children & Young People’s Scrutiny Committee, who handed out the certificates to the youth council members.


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