Cardiff Council Charter

Cardiff Youth Council (CYC) have been supporting Cardiff Council to develop a young person specific customer charter. A number of sessions were held where members went through the adult’s charter and made suggestions for changes, omissions and additions. A draft of the charter is shown below but the final document will not look like this.

Siarter Cyngor Caerdydd

Mae Cyngor Ieuenctid Caerdydd wedi bod y cynorthwyo Cyngor Caerdydd i ddatblygu siarter cwsmeriaid yn benodol ar gyfer person ifanc. Cynhaliwyd nifer o sesiynau pan aeth aelodau drwy’r siarter oedolion a gwneud cynigion ar gyfer newidiadau a phethau i’w hepgor ac ychwanegu. Dangosir drafft o’r siarter isod ond nid fel hyn bydd y ddogfen derfynol.

CCC Charter

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