MYP Election

On Wednesday 6th April, 3 members of Cardiff Youth Council (CYC) stood for the position of Member of the UK Youth Parliament (MYP). All candidates delivered a speech on why they should be elected. They also took questions from other youth council members on what their priorities would be (for their campaign), ways that they will take others views into consideration and how they will engage with seldom heard groups (including those who are not CYC members).

This year the following people stood for the position:

  • Zack Hellard
  • Shifa Shahzad
  • Qahira Shah

CYC and the Child Friendly Cardiff (CFC) congratulate all the candidates for putting themselves forward in such an inspiring and brave way, delivering some great speeches and for answering all questions that CYC members had for them.

Zack Hellard & Shifa Shahzad have been duly elected as the new Members of the UK Youth Parliament for Cardiff for the next 2 years.

Below are statements each new MYP –

Zack: After 4 years of listening and learning from the young people of Cardiff I have been given the fantastic opportunity and trust to represent them, their issues and their needs as one of Cardiff’s newest Members of the UK Youth Parliament. Now is the time for action; with honest and hard work, along with the cooperation and support of the young people of Cardiff, I intend to make a difference- to ensure that every voice across Cardiff is heard and taken into account. 

Shifa: I wanted to become an MYP so that I could make meaningful change, not only in my own community but across the nation. Having achieved the role, now I can see that I will be able to do just that, and much more. The number of opportunities and support that has already been given is mind-blowing, and I’m so glad to be a part of this new community. I’m excited to serve my constituency and look forward to seeing what comes next!

We would like to thank Victor Ciunca for their work over the last few years as an MYP.

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