Born to Rights

It is always sad when you must leave certain things behind and my time with Cardiff Youth Council will be one of those things. However, my feelings are not bittersweet though, as Cardiff Youth Council is the forum that enabled me to think of a children’s rights policy that set the benchmark of how children’s rights are delivered throughout the city and beyond. In attending the three out of four training sessions hosted by Cardiff Youth Council in partnership with UNICEF between 02/11/2022 to 23/11/2022 via MS Microsoft Teams. I thought of the following idea:

“To provide a basic pack of documents such as the United Nations Convention on the Rights of a Child in English, Welsh and Easy Read formats, to a leaflet on local authority services near residents and a letter from the Children & Future Generations Commissioners, the Welsh Government Minister on Social Care and local authority leaders on the importance of children’s rights and also on the importance of holding them to account as public servants.”

This idea was in response to attending the third session of the four-part series taking place, where there was a discussion of how local authorities provide children’s rights education to parents across the City of Cardiff. To my surprise at the time, not much was being done by them to educate parents about their child’s rights and following on from that fact, I thought of that idea you see above.

On an ending note, I just want to thank Cardiff Youth Council’s staff members, as well as the participants of the group for the many years of fun and engagement, so much so, that it has enabled me to change the world around us for future generations to come.

Thank you,

Kyle Jamie Eldridge – Cardiff Youth Council Member

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