Children and Young People’s Scrutiny Committee Mental Health Task Group

A task group has been set up by the Children & Young People’s Scrutiny Committee which is aiming to create policy guidelines or a tool kit, for schools across Cardiff, around Mental Health & Wellbeing.

Cardiff Youth Council (CYC) member Fahadi Mukulu is representing the voice of young people on the task group and has been the linchpin between the task group and CYC’s own priority subgroup on Mental Health & Wellbeing.

Fahadi has said that

“The task group have met with many different organisations and programme leaders and are coming to the beginning stages of drafting the policy/toolkit.

There needs to be a whole environment and culture change within schools. There are many different organisations providing support around mental health & wellbeing but there is no consistency among the schools regarding the organisations they use or the type of support they provide.

One of the questions to be asked is, how we can better unify the support available?

One of the ways could be through governance. A higher authority could ensure all schools and/or organisations are working to the same goals and aims. These goals and aims could be decided by both adults and young people and young people should also help scrutinise how well they are delivering against those aims and goals.”

Fahadi goes on to say:

“In terms of a culture change in school we need to find out how to:

Established leadership with C&YP meaningfully involved

Build a restorative approach in promoting wellbeing and challenging behaviour

Early prevention is key – not just intervention

A unified way of measuring mental health & wellbeing in young people that all schools follow

Explore the best way to support young people dealing with adverse childhood experiences

Ensuring that we reach hard to reach young people….such as those out of school or those in the criminal system”

After speaking with CYC one of Fahadi’s biggest concerns is that the task group spend their time creating the tool kit/policy and it gets ignored by schools.

CYC believe schools need to be more accountable regarding the pupil’s emotional mental health and wellbeing, perhaps with an annual review done by young people.



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