Young Interviewers


The Young Interviewers are a group of young people, from across Cardiff, who have volunteered their time. The group have received training through the Active Involvement Team (AIT) and have sat on hundreds of interviews for Cardiff Council and many partner organisations.

The Young Interviewers have been extremely busy of over the last couple of months carrying out a further 29 interviews with Cardiff Youth Service and a number of other service providers.

The Young Interviewers training programme follows three key areas; the selection process, setting the scene and interview techniques.

The young people taking part in the training programme will be involved in interviewing and providing feedback, as a panel, on potential candidates for a range of posts.

Their training involves various activities such as prejudice & discrimination, confidentiality and scoring matrices.

Most recently young people have sat on interview panels for:

  • 2 Corporate Apprentices, AIT and Grassroots
  • 2 Youth Mentors (Grassroots)
  • 2 EOTAS Youth Mentors
  • 1 Volunteer Post (Grassroots)
  • School Nurse Master Degree (applications to attend course)
  • ‘Switch on’ Team Member

Upcoming interviews that the young interviewers will be involved in will include:

  • Assistant director for the education department – Cardiff Council
  • Programme director School Organisation Program – Cardiff Council
  • Head of Achievement – Education department – Cardiff Council

The program has been so successful over the past few months that AIT are developing a training residential for CYC members in order to train up more young people. This way AIT can support young people to work with more organisations, putting young people at the heart of recruiting the staff that work with them.



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