Family Help Advisor Interviews

As part of our young interviewers programme, three of our CYC members sat on a young person’s interview panel for the position of ‘Family Help Advisor’ which is managed by Families First. Mia John sat on the panel as chair, supported by Eshaan Rajesh and Kyle Eldridge. Three candidates were interviewed for the role, with the final decision being made by Families First in early December. After the interviews, the panel met with Sarah and David from Families First. During this meeting the young people were able to give their feedback on the candidates and give their recommendation on who they felt was best suited for the role. A big thank you to Mia, Eshaan and Kyle for sitting on the young person’s panel and for their hard work.

Cyfweliadau Cynghorwr Cymorth Teulu

Fel rhan o’n rhaglen cyfwelwyr ifanc, eisteddodd tri o aelodau CIC ar banel cyfweliad pobl ifanc am y rôl ‘Cynghorwr Cymorth Teulu’ sy’n cael ei rheoli gan Teuluoedd yn Gyntaf. Eisteddodd Mia John ar y panel fel cadeirydd, gyda Eshaan Rajesh a Kyle Eldridge yn cefnogi. Cafodd tri ymgeisydd eu cyfweld, gyda’r penderfyniad terfynol yn cael ei wneud ar ddechrau mis Rhagfyr. Ar ôl y cyfweliadau, bu cyfarfod rhwng y bobl ifanc â Sarah a David o Teuluoedd yn Gyntaf. Yn ystod y cyfarfod, rhoddwyd adborth am y tri ymgeisydd i Sarah a David, yn ogystal ag argymhelliad y bobl ifanc am ba ymgeisydd oedd orau am y rôl. Diolch mawr i Mia, Eshaan a Kyle am eistedd ar y panel pobl ifanc ac am eu gwaith caled.

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