MYPs get Re-Elected!


On Wednesday, January 16th 2019 Cardiff Youth Council (CYC) elections for Members of the UK Youth Parliament (MYPs) took place with 4 candidates putting themselves forward for election. All candidates delivered a speech, in front of the full membership of CYC, to say why they wanted to, and should be, elected as MYP for Cardiff.

There was an election for a 1 year term and a separate election for a 2 year term.

For the 1 year term the candidates were:
– Connor Clarke
– Rose-Marie Melhuish

For the 2 year term the candidates were:
– Victor Ciunca
– Naz Ismail

CYC and Cardiff Youth Service congratulate all candidates for putting themselves forward in such a courageous way and for delivering some inspiring speeches and answering all questions that CYC put forward.

Connor Clarke and Victor Ciunca were duly elected as MYPs and they are the first candidates in the history of CYC to have been successfully re-elected for another term.


ASIau yn cael eu hail-ethol!

Ar 16 Ionawr 2019 cynhaliwyd etholiadau Cyngor Ieuenctid Caerdydd (CIC) ar gyfer Aelodau Senedd Ieuenctid y DU a chynhigiodd 4 ymgeisydd eu hunain i’w hethol. Cyflwynodd pob un o’r ymgeiswyr araith o flaen aelodaeth lawn CIC, i rannu’r rhesymau dros sefyll i gael eu hethol a pham y dylent gael eu hethol yn ASI dros Gaerdydd.

Cynhaliwyd etholiad am dymor un flwyddyn ac un arall am dymor dwy flynedd.

Yr ymgeiswyr am y tymor un flwyddyn oedd:

Connor Clarke

Rose-Marie Melhuish

Yr ymgeiswyr am y tymor dwy flynedd oedd:

Victor Ciunca

Naz Ismail

Dymuna CIC a Gwasanaeth Ieuenctid Caerdydd longyfarch yr holl ymgeiswyr am fod mor ddewr i sefyll yn yr etholiadau, am gyflwyno areithiau ysbrydoledig ac ateb pob cwestiwn y gwnaeth CIC ei ofyn.

Cafodd Connor Clarke a Victor Ciunca eu hethol fel ASIau a nhw yw’r ymgeiswyr cyntaf yn hanes CIC i gael eu hailethol yn llwyddiannus am dymor arall.


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