Storey Arms

During November, AIT ran a training residential for our Young Interviewers programme. 28 young people attended the weekend training to become part of our new Young Interviewers cohort. Young people and staff were supported by previously trained and experienced young interviewers and they helped deliver parts of the training.   New recruits followed a course programme that followed three key areas;

  • The selection process
  • ‘Setting the scene’
  • Interview techniques

The young interviewers taking part in this programme learnt about job adverts, interviewing, and how to give feedback to interviewees.  They also completed activities in relation to communication and learnt about confidentiality and discrimination. It wouldn’t be a residential without a bit of fun. The new recruits were put through the paces by the staff at Storey Arms whilst Gorge walking at Dinas Rock. Even though it was bit cold all the young people had a great experience.

Catrin Davies, said:

“It was an insightful way of looking into the world of interviews and was an amazing way of getting to know new people and come together as a team. The gorge walking was really good but a bit cold”

Storey Arms

Yn ystod mis Tachwedd, cynhaliodd y TCA hyfforddiant preswyl ar gyfer ein rhaglen Cyfwelwyr Ifanc. Bu i 28 o bobl ifanc fynychu’r penwythnos i ddod yn rhan o’r cohort Cyfwelwyr Ifanc newydd. Cafodd y bobl ifanc a’r staff eu cefnogi gan gyfwelwyr ifanc profiadol a chymwys a helpon nhw i ddarparu rhannau o’r hyfforddiant.   Roedd y recriwtiaid newydd yn dilyn rhaglen cwrs oedd yn dilyn tri phrif faes;

  • Y Broses Ddethol
  • ‘Gosod yr olygfa’
  • Technegau cyfweld

Dysgodd y cyfwelwyr ifanc a gymerodd ran yn y rhaglen hon am hysbysebion swyddi, cyfweliadau a sut i roi adborth i’r rhai a gyfwelwyd.  Fe wnaethant hefyd gwblhau gweithgareddau’n ymwneud â chyfathrebu a dysgu am gyfrinachedd a gwahaniaethu. Ni fyddai’n hyfforddiant preswyl heb ychydig o hwyl. Cafodd y recriwtiaid newydd dasgau gan y staff yn Storey Arms, wrth gerdded ceunentydd yng Ngharreg Dinas. Er ei bod braidd yn oer, cafodd y bobl ifanc i gyd brofiad gwych.

Dywedodd Catrin Davies:

“Roedd yn ffordd wych o edrych i mewn i’r byd cyfweliadau ac roedd yn grêt i gael dod i nabod pobl newydd a dod at ei gilydd fel tîm. Roedd cerdded ceunentydd yn wych ond yn oer iawn”



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